KPMG-CCTF Community Centre


Sichuan, China


National Human Settlement Best Practice Gold Medal
Leadership Bauhinia Award in Hong Kong

Swire-CCTF Community Centre was built after the earthquake in Ya’an. The vision of the community centre is to serve the local women, children and the community, through establishing a new model for rural villages, creating a public welfare platform for all sectors of society to jointly promote community building and sustainable development in the countryside. The programme assists companies, individuals, and charitable foundations to connect, envisage and deliver innovative and impactful social, environmental and community programmes in less developed areas in China. 

The project delivered the world’s first long-span reconstituted bamboo structure derived entirely from locally sourced materials and resulted in a collaborative building approach contributing to an environmentally sustainable village. The R&D programme focused on the use of structural bamboo and straw fibre panel cladding to provide ecological low carbon, robust, low maintenance affordable solutions for rural village construction. The project received manpower, resources and financial support from 30 domestic and international enterprises, research institutions and government agencies including I&G Systems, Dasso, Jialan, Panel Board Holding, Solatube, BOGE, Sichuan Jiuzhou Photoelectric Technology, Daitang and other key contributors through the partnership.

The programme promotes local craftsmanship and creates and maintains employment, knowledgeable understanding of local resources and inspires future projects to generate economic opportunities for Asia where bamboo resources and culture are rich but under-exploited. Research has indicated that the YBKouki and Dasso bamboo products used in the project are CO2 neutral due to the ability of bamboo to capture Carbon.